What Are Flexible & Permanent Webmixes?

What is a private (invisible) webmix?

A private webmix is a webmix that is created under your PRO account, but only you, as the admin, can see the webmix when signed into the PRO accounts. Users under your account cannot see private webmixes.

What is a public (static/flexible) webmix?

A permanent webmix refers to a public webmix that is set as static. When you set a webmix as public, it will permanently show up under the users that are subscribed to your premium account and it will NOT allow them to make edits to the webmix.

A flexible webmix is a public webmix that is NOT static. In the webmix sidebar you can toggle the static option on and off for a webmix. When a webmix is public and set as flexible, this webmix can be edited by your users or removed from their accounts if they choose to do so.

How do I rearrange my webmixes?

You can change the order of your webmixes by going into your webmix side bar, then clicking and dragging them in the order you wish. However, you can not cross-arrange within the flexible and private webmixes.

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