What are Symbaloo Learning Paths?

A Learning Path is a personalized digital board-game style lesson you can create using some of the best educational resources. Assess your students with Symbaloo Learning Paths and watch them grow!

- Symbaloo has developed the Learning Paths tool from our webmix concept to enhance student learning in hopes of integrating new technologies in education. 

- Learning Paths help students work and learn at their own pace by allowing them to complete the lesson tile by tile. 

- Personalize student learning by adding questions and redirecting students down different paths depending on right or wrong answers - this way, you provide students with additional learning material to help them get back on track. 

- With a built-in analytics tool, you can track student statistics in real-time and measure their performance to assess their knowledge.

Get started with Symbaloo Learning Paths here: www.LearningPaths.symbaloo.com

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