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  1. Automatic Login with Google Chrome

  2. Automatic Login With Safari

  3. Can I add programs from my computer to my Symbaloo webmix?

  4. Can I add the link to the webmix on class website or blog?

  5. Can I embed online content into a webmix?

  6. Can I modify the size of my webmix?

  7. Can I remove the Google widget from my webmix?

  8. Can I share one specific tile?

  9. Cookie users

  10. Embedding instead of sharing the link

  11. Enabling/Disabling Cookies in Microsoft Edge

  12. Having to log in constantly?

  13. How can I change the language of my Symbaloo?

  14. How can I delete a tile?

  15. How can I edit a tile?

  16. How can I import bookmarks to my Symbaloo account?

  17. How can I read my RSS feeds in Symbaloo?

  18. How can I use Symbaloo on my iPad or tablet?

  19. How do I change my password?

  20. How do I change my settings?

  21. How do I embed my Symbaloo webmix into my blog or wiki?

  22. How do I link a tile to another webmix?

  23. How do I lock a webmix?

  24. How Do I Share my PRO+ Account?

  25. How do I update my user profile?

  26. How to build a path

  27. How to Change the Center Box

  28. How to change your theme/edit your lesson plan

  29. How to Create a Landing Page

  30. How to delete a lesson plan

  31. How to edit a tile

  32. How to Manage PRO Users

  33. How to Pay for my PRO+ Account

  34. How to preview your lesson plan

  35. How to publish your lesson plan

  36. How to see the analytics from your tracked sessions

  37. How to set Symbaloo as your homepage

  38. I can't see my personal Symbaloo page

  39. I deleted my webmix

  40. I have a regular account and I want to use SymbalooEDU

  41. I have forgotten my password

  42. I haven´t received a verification email?

  43. I still get the question to make Symbaloo my homepage

  44. I'm not able to register. What could be the problem?

  45. Is my webmix public?

  46. Is there a way to add a bookmark while browsing the web?

  47. Is there an app for that?

  48. Live chat does not receive messages

  49. My share icon is greyed out

  50. My updates don't show on the embedded webmix

  51. My updates don't show on the webmix preview URL

  52. Page not appearing in your lesson?

  53. Problems Changing Wallpaper

  54. Remove Symbaloo as homepage

  55. Removing a Symbaloo account

  56. Resize an embedded webmix

  57. Search and Add a Tile

  58. Session Codes: Where to find them and how to use them

  59. Sponsoring and Swag

  60. Tile creator is not recognizing URL

  61. Tiles lost or have to log in again & again

  62. Tiles not working?

  63. Turning Wallpapers Off/On

  64. What Are Flexible & Permanent Webmixes?

  65. What does it cost to use Symbaloo?

  66. What is a tile?

  67. What is a webmix?

  68. What is Symbaloo?

  69. What is the difference between a regular SymbalooEDU account and a PRO version?

  70. What is the Symbaloo certification?

  71. When trying to add row or columns it says that I have two overlapping tiles and won't add anymore rows or columns

  72. Where and What is the Share Link?

  73. Why a document from your computer will not link to a tile

  74. Why use Symbaloo?

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